Access to Energy should be clean, sustainable, and a RIGHT, not a luxury but millions of people in Nigeria and across Africa are unaware of this reality.

Likewise, no business survival is guaranteed neither is our society safe if there is no environment.

We need people to understand this great reliance by redefining their lifestyle – one habit at a time.

This crisis is massive. But together, we can solve it.


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Focused on last mile renewable energy solutions for unelectrified rural poor and promoting environmental sustainability for inclusive service delivery

Energy Poverty

A significant portion of Nigeria’s population still live in darkness, and the majority of these people live in rural and remote communities with intense Water, Energy, Food nexus challenges.

These indigents are the most vulnerable and marginalized; hence our focus is to deliver inclusive service

Environmental Disaster

It is already happening- floods and extreme weather, heatwaves and wildfires with implications for humans, animals and the environment.

Besides this, other environmental issues such as reduction in air quality and plastic pollution are on the rise.

Our Work

About 770 million Africans have no access to electricity. Nigeria accounts for about 10 percent of the African population without electricity who live in rural and remote communities.

We are on a mission to rectify this while we communicate environmental sustainability through our community of youth advocates.

Our Numbers


From Fun Trips to the Middle of Nowhere

Our volunteers made our impact happen by electrifying the most vulnerable communities and educating the public about environmental issues. Our advocates are at the center. We are a different kind of non-profit.


We offer you value when you shop our products. This way we are making it easy for YOU to make a difference within your community.
We have documentary movies showcasing energy poverty and our solutions in rural areas.

We are hinged on SDG7 and SDG 13.
The importance of sustainable energy access cannot be overemphasized towards the realization of Sustainable Development.

Calculate your carbon footprint and see what habits and lifestyle you need to change


LET’S Take action now to save the future.


Your donation is an investment in the future, empowering and offering social protection to rural people and spreading the message of environmental sustainability.

The work we do is vital. We know this because we have seen the impact firsthand. One of the significant catalysts in benefiting the bottom line is financing.

Your donation gets us one step closer to the lifestyle we dream of. With your help, we can deliver last-mile electricity access to rural communities for access to dignity and opportunity.

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