We All Need To Be Climate Positive

Climate positivity seems to be the new buzzword in sustainable development as you will most likely come across the phrase in nearly every current sustainability-inclined material. We’ve heard of  Net Zero and other words associated with Climate but this time, the focus is on Climate Positive.  There seem to be diverse and maybe confusing definitions […]


Do you know you may be one outfit away from saving the earth? Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating (a lot), let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Let’s find out the facts first. To give you a better background, we’ll begin by describing everything that isn’t sustainable fashion. Fast Fashion Fast fashion is the direct opposite […]

Are you Contributing to Environmental Degradation?

On a beautiful evening, my friend and I stepped into a supermarket to shop for a few items. As a regular, I picked plastic bags for every vegetable and grocery I purchased. My friend noticed this, and walked up to me and said, “Nehemiah, what happened to the minimal and eco-friendly lifestyle?” His question caught […]

Sustainable Eating!

Do you know that the food you eat has an impact on the environment? This includes the land and water systems. Bad food consumption and disposal habits contribute to environmental hazards and that’s why we must apply caution to all we do, including our eating habits. Sustainable eating simply describes the habit and practice of […]

Early Childhood Sustainability Education

Education for Sustainability (EfS) is an educational approach for developing students, schools, and communities with the moralities and morale to take action for sustainability at personal or community levels and at a global scale, in the present and the future. This time, our focus is on early childhood education for sustainability. Grooming a child on how […]


Volunteering is an unpaid activity where time and effort are contributed to a not-for-profit organization or individuals. It is a sure and bold way of preserving mother earth as you get to align with the vision and mission of your chosen organization supporting environmental sustainability. In the past few years, young people have been making […]

Promoting An Eco-Friendly Culture

The terms ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘earth-friendly’ mean the same thing. They describe the act of doing things that are not harmful to the environment and would help protect the environment. In times like this, our major goal is to achieve sustainability. This means we need to maintain and support the earth in a way that generations […]

Live and Let Live: An Explanation of Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of the pillars of sustainability, which focuses on meeting existing needs without invading the ability of upcoming generations to fulfill their immediate and future needs. Environmental sustainability is not merely the protection of the environment – it aims to promote the quality of human life while maintaining the healthy balance of […]

Zero-cost Ways Of Reshaping Our Neighborhoods

If you spare some time to have a good look at your neighborhood today, it’s almost impossible to miss one or more environmental issues seeking immediate attention. These issues can range from pollution and desert encroachment as a result of excessive lumbering, to erosion or even flooding as a result of poor waste disposal methods.  […]