REES Africa is a community built to inspire youths to be a torch of environmental sustainability. Our community is made up of innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals from all fields.

We aim to build the capacity and inspire more people to find solutions to environmental challenges. In doing so, we create a community of strong leaders who are passionate and execute strong sustainability.

Here are several ways you can get involved in what we do;

REES Advocates

The REES Advocate membership is FREE. As an advocate, you must commit at least 60 hours of active and physical volunteering.


REES Advocate Pro

The Advocates Pro, a better working system for members who love to volunteer and still be a part of our community but can’t keep up with the current activities.

They include busy professionals,  and volunteers overseas, or interested individuals who would love to be a part of what we do but cannot keep up
with regular activities.

The Advocate PRO Community to help balance schedules alongside innovative volunteering.

REES Advocate Pros must commit 0-10 monthly hours of virtual or active volunteering and a monthly commitment fee of $6/3,000 Naira or annual fee, $60/ 30,000 Naira to remain an Advocate Pro retain membership within REES Africa.


REES Patron

REES Patron is an organization who wants to commit to ensuring energy access and promoting environmental sustainability through its staff.

REES Patrons are required to make a monthly commitment fee of $20/10,000 Naira or an annual fee, $200/100,000 Naira.


For more information, send an email to

Payments to be made to:

Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability for Africa Initiative
Account Number: 5625239014
Bank Name: First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

Donor Rights

As a donor, you are entitled to access our financial statements, information of how we intend to use or have used your donations, ask questions, and get a report.

You have access to information on our governing board and to remain anonymous if desired.