REES Africa (Renewable Energy & Environmental Sustainability for Africa Initiative) is a youth-led non-governmental organization positioned to redefine lifestyle by creating renewable energy access in most vulnerable rural & marginalized areas and promoting environmental sustainability through advocacy & actionable projects.


We strive for better environmental management, community empowerment, and livelihood improvement.


We are responsible and accountable to communities, partners, and each other. We are crystal clear in what we do, the costs, and what is working.


We ensure sustainability in our processes. We are truly particular about sustained growth and development.


Excellence is the core of our work to ensure that perfection is always delivered.


Meet the Board

Our leaders set our global direction, goals and strategies, and support nearly 200 team members working in 2 countries.

Team Members

Our Mission

Founded in 2017, we are on a mission to solve environmental issues and eradicate energy through advocacy and enterprise solutions.

We aim to redefine the actions of Africans, ultimately their lifestyle towards environmental sustainability- local government at a time.
We aim to achieve this through our three pillars.

Our Vision

With our contributions towards 2050, we envision a continent fully liberated from energy poverty and wholly given to environmental sustainability practices.

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